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Shawn Lowery and Kaylnthia Addison visit Dr. Cederick Ellis and the McComb School District!

Dr. Cederick Ellis led local realtors on campus tours to Kennedy Early Childhood Center and Summit Elementary.

The realtors were blown away with the happenings in the McComb School District.

Shawn Lowery is the association executive for the Southwest Board of Realtors. She appreciated the opportunity to visit the McComb School District.

“The scholars are happy and learning so much,” Lowery said. “They are not put into the same box. Everyone is learning based on their needs, skills, and readiness. In their learning and the way they are being taught, no child is being left behind. They are also learning life skills. What kindergarten child knows how to play loading the washer and dryer? I even witnessed a little boy folding clothes and he did an amazing job. Summit Elementary School is doing next level stuff. It is college level. There are no words to describe what is going on at Summit Elementary,” she said.

When you get to the magic school bus, the printing technology is equipment that I have never seen in my life. The scholars are destined to be interested in something that’s getting offered here in the McComb School District that they would not have seen anywhere else in the state.

They are also getting agriculture information and learning how to grow their own food. It’s just amazing and when these scholars graduate they will already have a career,” Lowery said.

Kalynthia Addison is Broker and Owner of Addison Realty of McComb. She very appreciative to visit the McComb School District.

“What amazed me about Kennedy is that the scholars are learning at their own pace,” Addison said. “They are not putting a lot of pressure on kids that are not academically ready to go to the next level, but they pace them and let them learn at their own speed. It was amazing to see this at Kennedy,” she said.

“Summit was amazing! I learned different ways to do multiplication in the math class, and the technology is unlike I have never seen,” Addison said.

Provided by the McComb School District Community Engagement Department.


Representative Daryl Porter Jr. and Senator Kelvin Butler pay a friendly visit to Dr. Cederick Ellis and the McComb School District!

Dr. Cederick Ellis led our state leaders on campus tours to Summit Elementary, Higgins Middle School and Kennedy Early Childhood Center.

The leaders were very impressed with the happenings in the McComb School District.

Senator Kelvin Butler represents District 38 which includes portions of Walthall, Pike, Amite, Adams and Wilkerson Counties. As a State Legislator of 13 years, Butler gets the opportunity to visit school districts all over the state. He appreciated the opportunity to come back to visit the McComb School District to see how Practitioners are meeting scholars where they are.
“We either got it or we didn’t back when we were in school,” Butler said. “I would hope that other school districts are doing the same thing and if not get the opportunity to come visit the McComb School District to see what they’re doing. This school district is doing things right now to ensure that our children have a great future,” he said.

Butler also noticed how the scholars’ safety is a top priority along with learning. “I noticed that as we walked around the doors were locked which shows that you’re focusing on making sure our children are safe,” he said.

Representative Daryl Porter represents House District 98 that includes Pike and Walthall Counties. Porter is a 2009 McComb High School Alumnus.
During his matriculation at McComb High School, he was a member of many extra curricular activities including Quest, Band and Mock Trial. He was also named Mr. McComb.

“After taking a tour to several of the McComb School District campuses, I am absolutely blown away at the drastic change from when I was in school [compared to] now, which was only a little over 10 years ago,” Porter said. “I’m a little jealous that we didn’t have all of these innovative techniques when I was in school”.

Porter stands in agreement with Butler that meeting the scholars where they are is the right way to go. “This is taking [the scholars] to a new level,” Porter said. “We are without a doubt a model school district for the entire state of Mississippi and even the country. I’m very happy with the leadership that Dr. Ellis has provided for the school district and I’m very proud to be a McComb Tiger”!

Provided by the McComb School District Community Engagement Department.


McComb Early Learning Collaborative Pre-K News!

A major congratulations goes to the Pre-Kindergarten Team at Kennedy Early Childhood Center in collaboration with Christian’s Community Learning Center and Kennedy Head Start for their high Mississippi Kindergarten Readiness Scores!

They are now the #1 site in growth among the 18 participating sites in Mississippi funded by the state legislators and #2 in achievement among the 18 participating sites in Mississippi!

Provided by the McComb School District Community Engagement Department.

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