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Strategic Plan

District Strategic Plan Initiative

Transforming Policy, Program and Practice

Our Superintendent seeks to initiate policies, programs, and practices that will develop a model school that will enable the district to become a "world class school district".

Scope of Work
  • Engage P3 Strateties, LLC to craft and manage a planning and design process that engages key constituents, incorporates relevant information and results in strategic recommendations.
  • Identify goals, objectives and key activities critical to elevating the performance and status of the district.
  • Provide guidance on the development and implementation of a model school at the Summit facility.
Strategic Planning Working Group
  • Teacher Leaders and School Based Administrators (10)
  • Business, Religions, and Civic Leaders (10)
  • Parent and Student Leaders (10)
  • Representatives from Higher Education (3)
Guiding Questions
  • What does being a world-class school mean for the City of McComb and the McComb School District?
  • What are the most important elements of a world-class school or school district?
  • What is the foundation of excellence in McComb that might serve as a starting point for the journey toward excellence?
  • What are the barriers to exemplary performance and outcomes?
  • Who are the people and what resources do they need to lead the district to the upper tier of educational excellence?
Proposed Agenda Items
  • Core of Exemplary Teachers
  • Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Delivery Systems
  • Ubiquitous Access to Technology and Data for Personalized Teaching and Learning
  • Development of a Model School(s) (e.g. Kennedy Early Childhood Center; Summit School...)
  • Alignment with the Business Community
  • Alignment with the Future of Higher Education
Orientation and Training
In a working session, key constituents are provided orientation and training on the strategic planning process. The session includes a briefing on the guiding questions, brainstorming, consensus building, and development recommendations
Three working teams (11 persons each) are developed, time and events schedules are finalized, and process maps for team meetings are developed and shared.
Facilitated Working Sessions
Teams are convened into three 3 hour working sessions with a P3 Partner facilitating the discussions and recommendations development
A survey will be developed, administered to stakeholders, and analyzed
Status reports will be developed and disseminated to stakeholders
A report with recommendations will be presented to the Superintendent and the School Board
Final Product
A strategic plan with implementation milestones over a three to five year period; vetting with key constituents; the strategic plan is to be published and distributed to stakeholders in print and electronically.

The strategic plan for the McComb School District will take 47 days to complete beginning August 1, 2014 with final delivery of a ready for publication plan on October 15, 2014. The distribution of days devoted to the project is as fo
Orientation and Training 1
Organization 3
Working Session 18
Communications 15
Final Product 10
Contingency 8
Total Days 55

The McComb School District completes all teaching experience/employment verifictions through Verifent.