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All children must be officially registered for school by a parent or legal guardian, even if they attended school in McComb School District last year. Parents or legal guardians of new students must go to their child's school with all required documentation to begin the registration process. 
Required documentation:
  • Birth certificate
  • Current photo ID (parent/legal guardian)
  • Guardianship documentation (if applicable)
  • Immunization/121 Form (new students to McComb School District, any student with updated immunizations since last enrollment and all students entering the 7th grade)
  • Residency proofs - Two current proofs of residency are required at registration to verify residency in the McComb School District: filed Homestead Exemption application form, mortgage documents or property deed, apartment or home lease, utility bills (electric, gas, water) current within 30 days and must show name and service address (cell phone bills will not be accepted as a utility bill), valid driver's license/state issued ID, voter ID, or vehicle registration (only 1 accepted). 
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To help ensure that schools and students are well prepared for the first day of school, parents are encouraged to register their child or children as soon as possible. Doing so helps our schools and teachers be equipped and ready to make each student's first day pleasant and productive. 

  • Children who are five years old by September 1st are eligible to enter kindergarten that school year. Parents of younger children can find resources through the Kennedy Early Childhood Center, please call 601-684-2889.

  • Families living outside the McComb School District may apply to enroll their child(ren) on a tuition basis. Please contact Ms. Kelsey Codding 601-684-4661 for enrollment of non-resident students.

  • A child who will be six years old on or before September 1st must attend school.



Immunization Records✔
A Mississippi Certificate of Compliance regarding vaccinations must be presented during registration. No student will be allowed to enroll without a valid immunization certificate.
Certified Birth Certificate✔
All preschool children and pupils new to the McComb School District shall submit a certified birth certificate during the registration process.

Application for a birth certificate may be made to the Division of Public Health Statistics of the State Board of Health in Jackson. A fee is required for a certified copy. The child's social security number is preferred. This will insure that all records regarding your child are available when records are requested by outside agencies with parent's written consent.

If birth certificate is not available, you must complete an (AFFIDAVIT) Absence of Certified Birth Certificate Form

Proof of Legal Residence✔
The State of Mississippi Board of Education passed a Verification of Residency policy that requires all public school districts to verify the residency of students attending school. School personnel may make home visits or calls to confirm residency.

Parents, legal guardians, or custodial adults seeking to enroll students for the first time must provide documentation verifying residence. However, transfers from other districts must be completed on an annual basis prior to August 1st.

During registration, any parent seeking to enroll a student must verify full-time residency by submitting two (2) pieces of business or government correspondence dated within the last 30 days. Acceptable documents are located on the residency form. If a change of address or home telephone number occurs at any time during the school year, the parent should report such change immediately to the school and provide the appropriate residency documentation.

Documents accepted as proof of residence:
  • Lease/Contract/Mortgage on legal residence
  • Current utility bills - Must show name, service address and date (i.e., electric, gas, water)
  • Valid Driver License or Voter Precinct Identification
  • Filed Homestead Exemption Application form
  • Automobile Registration
  • District Representative Personal Visit
Documents not accepted:
  • Cell Phone Bills
  • Doctor Bills
  • Bank Statements
  • Personal Checks
Individual Educational Plan (IEP)✔
A copy must be provided if a student is receiving special educational services. This is important to insure that your child continue to receive appropriate services while waiting for other school records.

Social Security Card✔
The child's social security number is preferred. This will insure that all records regarding your child are available when records are requested by outside agencies with parent's written consent.

If an individual other than the mother or father listed on the birth certificate attempts to enroll a child, a copy of the final decree granting guardianship will be required. No legal guardianship for educational purposes will be allowed. Guardianship papers must be filed in the office of the assistant superintendent before enrollment.

Enrollment of Suspended/Expelled Students✔
When any student who applies for admission to, or is enrolled in any public school, the parent or guardian must indicate on the school registration form if the student has been expelled from any public or private school or is currently a party to an expulsion proceeding.

The school board has the authority and power to designate or assign the particular school of the school district in which the student should be enrolled and attend.

Late Enrollees✔
Once school has begun, students who enroll must provide documentation of school attendance prior to that date in accordance with the Mississippi Compulsory Attendance laws. If a parent cannot verify the attendance of the child in a recognized school program, the child will be counted absent for each day from the beginning of school until the child enrolls. Each absence will count as an unexcused absence, and the student will be subject to the provision of the attendance policy.

Proof of Academic Achievement✔
Parents must present the latest report card (if available) and the complete address of the previous school to allow McComb Public Schools to obtain previous school records.


The U.S. Department of Education requires all states to collect information on the race and ethnicity of public school students. The federal government has developed a new way to report ethnicity and race that includes new categories. The changes should provide a more accurate picture of the nation’s ethnic and racial diversity. Beginning in the 2009-2010 school year, families of all students will be asked to fill out a brief form to update the reporting of their children’s ethnicity and race.

The McComb School District completes all teaching experience/employment verifictions through Verifent.