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Athletic Program

McComb Athletic Department
Michael Jeanson, Athletic Director
Here in the McComb High School Athletic Program, it is our mission to work collaboratively with the McComb School District and community to develop well rounded student athletes. Coaches will focus on developing character, academic aptitude, sport specific skills, physical strength, and mental toughness.

All McComb athletes are encouraged to participate in multiple sports. Student athletes are expected to honorably represent their school and community while competing in athletic competitions. Win or lose, the McComb High School Athletic Department will encourage student athletes to provide a winning effort, exhibit sportsmanship, and demonstrate respect for all.


The Vision for the McComb School District Athletic Program encompasses the following:
  • Becoming a leader in the Mississippi High School’s Activities Association due to our sportsmanship and dedication to our drive for excellence on and off the field or court
  • Increasing student involvement and athletic opportunities for students while creating a seamless athletic program that ranges from youth programs to varsity sports
  • Embodying hard-work, discipline, accountability, and sacrifice


  • Hard Work:  In the classroom, at practices, games and during the off-season
  • Discipline:  In the classroom and on the field/court
  • Accountability:  Student athletes will be coached to understand that every action has a consequence and everyone will be responsible for their actions
  • Building Relationships:  Student athletes will be coached to build relationships on and off the field/court with their teammates, coaches, teachers, and community members
  • Understanding:  Student athletes will be coached to understand the tremendous honor in wearing the Green and Gold and being a “Tiger”
  • Community Service:  Student athletes will be coached to give back to the community that has given so much to them
  • Celebrate Achievements:  The McComb School District and community will be encouraged to celebrate the accomplishments of our student athletes whenever possible
  • Anchored in Excellence:  Student athletes will be coached to exhibit Pride and Excellence in every field of human endeavor
  • Never Quit:  Student athletes will be coached to always compete and never give in
  • Every Day:  Student athletes will be coached to do their best, every day, at all times, especially when no one is looking
  • Encourage:  Student athletes will be coached to foster teamwork and trust, as well as honesty and integrity in everything they do
  • Responsible Young Adults:  Student athletes will be coached to be great role models within our student body, as well as our students in our feeder school pattern
  • Success:  Student athletes w