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Local Weather

Local Weather

The School and Community Relations Office notifies the following media outlets about emergency school closings:

McComb Radio Stations
WAKH 105.7 FM
WAKK 1140 AM
WAKK 104.9 FM
WAZA 107.7 FM
Hattiesburg Television Stations
WHLT Channel 22
WDAM Channel 7
Jackson Television Stations
WAPT Channel 16
WDBD Channel 40
WJTV Channel 12
WLBT Channel 3
Local cable information is generally updated on a 24-hour schedule and may not include emergency closings.

Call our district administrative office at 601-684-4661 for recorded messages about school closings.
✔ Plan ahead for emergencies:
  • Make a family plan
  • Locate water and electrical shutoff
  • Know school disaster plans
  • Trim trees and store loose objects
  • Install or test smoke detectors
  • Photograph or video contents of your home
  • Make plans for boarding pets
  • Obtain cash or travelers checks
  • Establish in case of emergency (ICE) list
  ✔ Keep valuables in a waterproof container:
  • Will, insurance policies, contracts, deeds
  • Stocks, bonds and other financial documents
  • Bank account(s) and insurance policies
  • Credit card numbers and contact information
  • Family records and other personal documents
  • Photographs and records of household contents
  • List of all people living in your household
  • List of family or friends that can be contacted
  • Other small, valuable personal property

✔ Food and Water:
  • A gallon of water per person per day is needed
  • Bread (can be frozen until needed)
  • Energy bars and quick snack foods
  • Cans of soup, vegetables and other foods
  • Crackers and dry cereal
  • Instant coffee, cocoa and powdered drinks
  • Make plans for boarding pets
  • Obtain cash or travelers checks
  • Establish an in case of emergency (ICE) list
  ✔ Storage and other essentials:
  • Large plastic zip bags
  • Aluminum foil
  • Plastic Wrap
  • Assorted plastic containers
  • Heavy-duty garbage bags
  • Waterproof portable plastic containers
  • Ice chest
  • Waterproof, portable plastic bins
  • Can openers, candles, flashlights and batteries

✔ Health and First Aid:
  • Sanitary hand wipes/liquid
  • Antiseptic, rubbing alcohol
  • Deodorant, lotion and shampoo
  • Adhesive bandages and gauze
  • First Aid book
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  ✔ Cleaning and Supplies:
  • Plastic eating utensils
  • Paper plates and cups
  • Toilet paper and paper towels
  • Liquid dishwashing soap
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Latex gloves
  • Detergent, bleach, broom, mop and bucket

Water will be needed for drinking, cooking and bathing. Store enough bottled water for all members of your family and pets before pending storms or emergencies. Clean water that could be used for bathing and washing dishes is in your water heater if needed.
During a storm, phone and electrical lines go down. Dangerous weather conditions prevent emergency vehicles from responding to emergency situations. Preparing yourself and your family with CPR and First Aid training can save the life of a loved one.

When you learn of a pending weather condition or emergency that may leave your home without power, buy and/or make as much ice as you can as early as possible. Use the ice in your freezer to keep perishables fresh and edible. Do not open the freezer until you absolutely have to in order to maintain proper temperature.
Stock up on personal care and cleaning items. Check your items regularly to make sure you have extra. Do not forget disposable plates, cups, utensils, paper towels and toilet paper. Insect repellent and sunscreen should be included. Remember! Those items you use everyday in normal conditions will still be needed in emergency situations.

The McComb School District completes all teaching experience/employment verifictions through Verifent.