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Transportation Department

Patricia Dillon, Director

The mission of the McComb School District Vehicle Service Center is to provide safe and efficient transportation for students eligible for school bus service.

The McComb School District currently transports approximately 2,200 students on 12 buses to and from school on a daily basis. These buses will cover over 43 routes daily and travel approximately 131,724 miles annually. To accomplish this task, the district operates 12 route buses that do 2 or 3 routes each.

The transportation and maintenance facility was newly constructed in 2006. It is a 7,500 square foot facility accommodating a 2-bay service department for maintenance of all school district-owned vehicles. Full-time staff includes the Director of Transportation, the Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Operations, and the Maintenance Supervisor. The district owns and operates 12 gasoline and diesel powered school buses, plus another 18 support service vehicles. All school buses are equipped with cell phones and a video surveillance system.

We believe that all students have the right to a safe and pleasant trip to and from school. We believe all students can behave appropriately and safely while riding on a school bus. We will not tolerate any student interfering with drivers and paraprofessionals doing their jobs, and we will continue to work toward protecting all passengers' right to a safe bus ride.


Patricia Dillon                                   Les Lawson
Transportation Director                    Assistant Transportation Director
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Maintenance Department

Germayne Nash
Germayne Nash, Director


The goal of the McComb School District's facility and maintenance department is to ensure safe schools and protect the health and safety of all students through upgrading and improving school facilities. MSD facilities and maintenance department, inspects and maintains facilities, provides an on-going maintenance program to upgrade schools and improve facility maintenance. We work in harmony with the City of McComb to provide plans and specifications for in-house construction projects performed by MSD technicians. Requests for services and repairs are channeled to the maintenance office for distribution to the appropriate department.

Architectural Service: Maintains blueprints for all facilities and building components and provides in-house specifications and drawings for in-house projects and portable relocation.

Carpentry: Repairs glass, roofs, walls, floor covering, plaster, painting, blinds, locks, doors, ceilings and constructs new and/or renovates offices.

Climate Control: Maintains energy management systems; installs, maintains and repairs air conditioners, heating systems, air compressors and boilers.

Custodial Services: Maintains cleanliness of facilities. Performs small maintenance such as changing light lamps and ceiling tile. Moves boxes and furniture as well as refinishes stage floors.

Construction: Coordinates the design of new facilities and/or additions to facilities and major renovations.

Electrical: Repairs equipment, stage and auditorium lighting; gymnasium and athletic field lighting and scoreboards. Maintains security lighting and custodial equipment.

Electronics: Installs, maintains, and repairs master clocks, bell systems, fire alarms, intercoms, public address systems, computers, televisions, VCR's, cassette players, projectors, telephones and cable wiring.

Environmental: Coordinates the removal of chemicals in facilities. Oversees asbestos and indoor air quality programs and provides safety/environmental staff development.

Plumbing: Installs, maintains, and repairs welding, water pipes, sewerage systems and grease traps.

Preventive Maintenance: Installs, maintains, and repairs fire extinguishers. Changes filters for heating and cooling equipment. Repairs generators, refrigeration systems, water coolers, ice machines and kitchen equipment.

Site Care: Cuts grass, shrubs, trees and fences. Installs and relocates playground equipment. Repairs asphalt. Maintains athletic fields, signage, erosion control and parking lot striping.




Germayne Nash 
Director of Facilities, Maintenance & Operations
Douglas Coon
Maintenance  Supervisor

The McComb School District completes all teaching experience/employment verifictions through Verifent.