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Homeless Children

Homeless Children

All homeless children and youth seeking admission or enrollment in the McComb School District will be accommodated, and provided transportation and other technical services to educate the child or youth. The best interest of the child or youth will be served by this school district.

NOTE: The child's best interest will include placement tests, proper placement, special education services (if needed), gifted education services (if eligibility requirements are met), free or reduced lunch, Financial Hardship Waiver, migrant services, Title I services (if eligibility requirements are met), and any other services offered to any student in the school district.

The assistant superintendent is designated as the staff person to investigate and report complaints that are believed to be in noncompliance with the Stewart B. McKinney Act, P.L. 100.77 Subtitle B and deal with the educational placement of homeless children and youth. The superintendent will investigate and initiate steps to resolve any disputes in relation to the homeless children and youth in the school district. If the dispute cannot be resolved locally, the parent and/or superintendent may request a formal review of the dispute by the State Department of Education's coordinator. The review must be requested in writing immediately after the dispute takes place. The assistant superintendent will file the report. Along with filing the report, a requested date for the review will be made. All parties involved in the dispute must be present. A decision on the dispute will be requested in writing.

The McComb School District will comply with immunization requirements. Permanent and cumulative records for homeless children and youth will contain academic achievements and other required data. Records will be maintained and disseminated in compliance with Mississippi Codes and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

The McComb School District will provide compatible educational and supportive services to all homeless children and youth. Additional supportive services include, but are not limited to, counseling services and extracurricular activities.

Contact Rosetta Barnes, Administrative Assistant
Assistant Superintendent’s Office
(601) 684-4661 ext. 21.