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Business and Technology Course Offerings

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Automotive Service Technology The newly redesigned Automotive Service Technology program is equipped with cutting edge technology including industry standard ATech Trainers which simulates real-world problems in the automotive work place. Automotive Service Technology provides a complete study course consisting of operation, construction, maintenance, repair, disassembly, and adjustment of automotive components. A computerized laser front-end alignment machine and diagnostic equipment allow students to diagnose and repair problems as they present themselves, thus exposing the student to conditions as they actually exist in the industry.

Business Management Technology Business Management Technology focuses on business and management fundamentals, communication and interpersonal skills, and professional development for continued education, training, and careers in business. Students engage in interactive economic games such as the Stock Market Game and Financial Fitness for Life. Topics of study are: economics, business, management, and entrepreneurship, business law, and personal finance. Students develop skills toward meeting requirements for the Microsoft Skill Standards for Microsoft Office Specialist Certification.

Construction Technology Construction Technology covers the basic elements of carpentry, masonry, electrical and plumbing with a second year emphasis on construction skills. Each trade has a well defined course of study, applicable to each craft, finally blending together in the form of a completed building in the shop area. This course provides students the opportunity to learn the skills necessary for a future career in construction. Upon completion of this course, students may earn a nationally recognized Contren Learning Certificate certifying them as skilled labor in the construction industry.

Students in Construction Technology play a vital role in constructing homes through a partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Through the partnership, students not only gain skills of the trade, but also learn the importance of community service.

Career Pathway Experience Career Pathway Experience (CPE), formally known as Cooperative Education, fosters self-directed learning allowing students to explore career options, enhance communication skills, leadership, and problem solving skills. CPE provides occupation-specific training for secondary students in high school who have a clearly defined career objective. The program also provides work-site training related to the students' occupational program of study. Enrollment priority is given to (1) students who have completed a two-year occupational program; (2) students not enrolled in an occupational training program, but have a clearly defined occupational objective as a junior; and (3) students who are enrolled in an occupational training program, which is called dual enrollment (if scheduling permits).

Students enrolled in CPE who have received two prior years of secondary occupational skills training are considered a "Capstone" student. The Capstone student must be employed in the area of his or her career training. A student may also be considered a Capstone student if enrolled in the second year of an occupational training program and CPE. Capstone serves as the model for operation of CPE and is the most complete career and technical training available. Thus, CPE becomes the finishing phase of secondary career and technical training.

Culinary Arts Culinary Arts students have the opportunity to earn a Pro Start certification which is recognized throughout the food service industry nationwide. This course includes classroom and hands-on experiences that prepare students for gainful employment and/or entry into post-secondary education in the food production and service industry. Culinary Arts provides students the opportunity to acquire marketable skills by examining both the industry and its career opportunities and by developing food preparation and service as well as interpersonal skills. The program also combines food preparation techniques and management skills needed to take the MS-CPAS2 exam. Careers in Culinary Arts include, but are not limited to: Food Technician, Chef, Dietary Assistant, Food Inspector, Caterer, Restaurant Manager, Nutritionist, Hospitality Director, and Dietitian.

Digital Media Digital Media is designed for students who wish to develop, design and implement projects in the fast growing field of digital media. This course focuses on the basic areas of computer graphics, multimedia, and animation. Students' exposure to a state-of-the-art Macintosh Lab provides activity-based learning. Content related to web design, building a basic client website, media rich content for web design and planning a digital narrative, and creating a script emphasizes real-world, hands-on practice. Upon completion, students may acquire a certificate in Final Cut Pro certifying them as skilled professionals in the field of Digital Media.

As an intgrated activity, students in Digital Media have to opportunity to develop, host and maintain the McComb Legacy Website (formerly hosted by the University of Mississippi). Through a partnership with Teaching for Change and McComb High School's Local Cultures course, students are able to process and edit interviews to be featured on the McComb Legacy Website.

Health Services Health Services introduces students to careers in the health field, basic anatomy and physiology, and basic patient care skills. Students are trained to be entry-level, general basic healthcare assistants and trained in CPR and first aid. In Health Services, students gain exposure to advanced skills in the various health occupations and the basic healthcare sciences. Students may also participate in shadowing experiences at selected healthcare facilities.

Health Services includes classroom and hands-on experiences that provide students with an overview of the healthcare field as outlined in the States' Career Clusters, Health Science Cluster and the National Consortium on Health Science and Technology Education as well as preparing students for careers in occupations predicted to have a high number of available jobs in the next ten years including registered nurses, nurse aids, practical nurses, and home health aides.

Information Technology The Information (IT) program is designed to provide the basic foundation, skills, and knowledge for computer networking, applications, and support, along with an introduction to programming. Students develop the skills necessary to prepare for certification exams and learn how to develop, support, and integrate computing systems. They acquire network planning and management skills and the ability to provide technical support.

The program provides hands-on experience in computer systems support and skills in network setup and maintenance. IT also provides the foundation skills necessary for IT professionals including an introduction to computer hardware and operating systems; data communications and computer assembly, configuration and diagnostics. The IT program is an opportunity for students to develop advanced networking skills, web design, and employability skills.

Secondary Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management includes an overview of the travel/tourism, lodging, and food service industries. The program focuses on marketing, supervisory skills, front office, reservations, bell service, housekeeping, safety, customer service, communications, food service, banquet, catering, and employability skills. The program includes competency-based applied learning that contributes to the academic knowledge, higher-order reasoning and problem-solving skills, work attitudes, general employability skills, technical skills, and occupation-specific skills, of an individual.

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