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Superintendent Cederick Ellis, Sr., Ph.D.

Superintenent Ellis  Greetings McComb School District Family,

It is with great honor and much delight that I have been chosen to serve as the McComb School District’s new superintendent. I am humbled by the opportunity to carry on the good work of former superintendents before me who left a strong school district poised for future success.

Throughout the history of education, educational leaders have been called upon to confront many educational challenges. Those times are upon us. Our current challenges require us to deliberately and consistently remove barriers from student performance. In addition, we must revolutionize the learning experiences by meeting the needs of 21st Century learning through relevant curriculum and engaging instruction.

Although the McComb School District has accomplished much, much work remains ahead. As we travel on this journey of continuous improvement, we must have an unwavering commitment to excellence in everything that we do. Please join me on this journey. You are a crucial part of this team and we cannot become excellent without you. “You” means all of us; school board members, administrators, teachers, staff, parents, community members, and of course students. We must maintain high standards for all, and be willing to see the big picture, take calculated risk and hold ourselves accountable for results.

The future is extremely bright and very promising for the McComb School District. I look forward to articulating the district’s vision of excellence and hearing your concerns and ideas for improvement. We have the opportunity for greatness at our doorstep and we have the people who possess the will to make the impossible – possible.

Much Success!

Cederick L. Ellis, Sr., Ph.D.


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