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Superintendent Cederick Ellis, Sr., Ph.D.

Superintenent Ellis  Dear McComb School District Family and Friends,

Thank you for giving me a year to serve as your superintendent. How time flies. It is my hope that you’ve witnessed my genuine and endless commitment to providing quality educational experiences for the children of the McComb School District. As we enter our second year together, my commitment has never been stronger.

Over the past year, we have created incredible momentum. Momentum is the force that makes things that are moving continue to move. It’s essential that we build upon this momentum in the days, weeks and months ahead. I invite you to join us as we take bold and brave steps to accelerate student achievement for every student we serve. Our goal is to remain vigilant in our quest to create a “World Class System” striving for excellence in all that we do.

There will be no drastic changes during the coming school year. Instead, we will maintain our “Community Conversations” to strengthen transparency and stakeholders trust in the McComb School District. Your trust is critical because our schools are the cornerstone of McComb City’s success. Your trust is critical as we embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Your role in helping us to continue advancing the “World Class Commitment" to our community and children will be invaluable.

Thank you for welcoming me and my family to this great city. We are constantly amazed by the unbelievable support shown by this community. As we look forward to the future, let’s keep the faith and recognize the best days for the McComb School District are yet to come.

Educationally yours,
Cederick L. Ellis, Sr., Ph. D.

Student Advisory Board Superintendent's Student Advisory Board – The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board is a community service organization comprised of McComb High School Students. The board participates in numerous school events, volunteer projects, school board meetings, city board meetings, city-wide cleanups and leadership/team building projects. The board serves as the voice for the youth of McComb School District and the City of McComb.

Key Communicators Superintendent's Key Communicators – The Key Communicators are a network of McComb School District residents who are interested in our schools and well-connected to the schools and/or the community. The idea is to promote a continuing exchange between Key Communicators and the school district. Key Communicators become the eyes, ears, and mouthpiece for our district.

Board of Trustees Superintendent and the Board of Trustees – The McComb School District Board of Trustees is comprised of four appointed members and one elected member and is the official policy-making body for the school district. School Board meetings are held at the School District Administrative Offices in the Board Room. All meetings of the School Board are open to the public.

2014-2015 School Board meeting results

Curriculum and Federal Programs -The Children First Annual Report

Children First Report 2013  The Children First Annual Report

The information required to be in the Children First Act (CFA) Annual Report will be compiled by the Mississippi Department of Education’s Office of Research and Statistics. This report is, according to the CFA, to be printed in the newspaper, listed on the district website and made available free of charge at a location(s) in the district in a hard copy format. The report shall look at the district as a whole and be printed in the paper and made available on the district website no later than November 1st of each year.

Please select the link below to view The Children First Annual Report

 Children First Annual Report (pdf)

Curriculum and Federal Programs - Parents Right-To-Know Letter

Parents Right-To-Know  Parents Right-To-Know Letter

In accordance with ESEA Section 1111(h)(6) PARENTS RIGHT-TO-KNOW, the McComb School District is notifying every parent of a student in a Title I school that you have the right and may request information regarding the professional qualifications of your child’s classroom teacher.

Please select the link below to view Parents Right-To-Know Letter

 Parents Right-To-Know Letter (pdf)

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