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Staff Wellness

Health Holiday Challenge
Because the only thing that should be "stuffed" is the turkey!

A 7-week challenge that supports you in your efforts to maintain your weight or stay within 2 pounds from weigh in throughout the holiday season.

The free holiday challenge includes
  • Daily e-mail tips
  • Support meetings (Dec 8th and Dec 15th at 4:00pm)
  • Healthy holiday recipes
  • Motivation and support from other participants
  • Prizes and gifts
Wellness Team Members
  • Sue Ellen Codding
  • Monique Gilmore
  • Cornelia Gayden
  • Margaret Hart, R.N.
  • Robin Brinson, R.N.
  • Shakira Speight, R.N.
  • Kristen McBeth, R.N.

Weigh in with a member of the Wellness Team November 18th thru 21st (only you and the team member will see your weight). You will receive a personal tracker to keep up with your weekly progress.
  • All participants who successfully complete the 7-week challenge* by official weigh in and weigh out will receive a prize. We out will be done on January 5th.
  • All participants who complete the 7-week challenge* by official weigh in and weigh out, regardless of weight change, will be entered into a prize raffle.
* Includes official weigh in, weigh out, and attending support meetings.

Staff Wellness

At McComb School District, staff wellness is an important component of our school environment. Our staff needs to take care of their mind, body and spirit if they are to do an effective job of educating our students. The staff is encouraged to live a happy, healthy life. To assist in this pursuit, the district provides annual health fairs, daily monitoring by the school nurse if requested, annual flu shots at a minimal cost, and a monthly health newsletter. Physical activity opportunities are made available to the staff. The opportunities include exercise classes and a walking club.

In addition to physical activity opportunities the district provides information on stress management, nutrition, healthy eating and cooking tips and techniques. Surveys provide the staff an opportunity to communicate to the district the types of information and activities in which they would like to participate.

Results of the surveys are used as guidance to fulfill the needs of our staff.

An extended year school calendar is utilized to allow the teachers a refreshing break between each school quarter.

The Wellness Coordinators for McComb School District are Margaret Hart, Sue Ellen Codding and Cornelia Gayden. Their email address for staff wellness comments, concerns, ideas and, suggestions is StaffWellness@McComb.k12.ms.us

Just a note for all you doubters…

I recently had a conversation with a friend who was telling me what line dancing means to them. Currently, if you have any kind of stress in your life: health, family or work and you need to figure out a way to get it off your mind...the line dancing maybe the way to go.

In my conversation with my friend, she had issues with her parents (both had health issues) and she was overweight trying to figure out what to do. She realized that line dancing was a way for her to let go. She had been line dancing for a while, and let it fall by the wayside thinking she couldn't work, handle her parents and have fun at the same time. But she soon realized that she was wrong. She came back to line dancing and realized that not only was she able to have more patience with her family, but her job as well and she realized that when she attended a line dance class and/or functions, her spirits were up!

When you are line dancing, you do not have time to worry about the stress in your life. Why not, you ask? Because your instructor demands your full attention as she calls out the dance: two to the right, slide to the left, step forward on the right foot and make a half (1/2) turn to the left. You have to listen so that you can make sure you are doing the dance right. Remember, tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. Take time for yourself.... you deserve it! And remember, soul line dancing invigorates all souls!!!

This is an opportunity for McComb School District employees to get up and move to feel better. We encourage you to choose one or more activities to start you on your way.

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