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No Child Left Behind
Dear Parents:

The 2010-2011 No Child Left Behind report cards are now available for your use. This year we are required to make them accessible to you through our district web site. The step-by-step directions for you to follow are outlined below. McComb School District’s report cards have been posted to the following website:


Please follow the directions listed below once you have accessed the website:
  1. Select McComb School District from the drop-down box at the top center of the page labeled DISTRICT.
  2. Click on the NCLB RC tab at the top right of the brown box.
  3. Select the Print Selected Tab button in the top right corner. Now the Report Card will be displayed and can be printed.
  4. You can also review a specific school’s data by selecting the site from the drop-down box at the top center of the page labeled SCHOOL.
Following the aforementioned process will allow you to see how well our schools met the federal requirements regarding school improvement, teacher qualification and test data. If you have any problems or concerns regarding this process or the information within the report, please feel free to contact me.

Betty Wilson-McSwain
Director of Federal Programs

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