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Athletics - Schedules

2014-2015 Archery Schedule - Pending

2014-2015 High School Baseball Schedule - Pending

2014-2015 Junior High School Baseball Schedule - Pending

2014-2015 Basketball Schedule

Nov 8Terry High School ClassicJacksonTBA ----
Nov 14Wilkinson CountyWoodville6:00pm --
Nov 20-22Brookhaven TournamentBrookhavenTBA ----
Nov 24Oak GroveMcComb6:00pm --
Nov 25South Pike TournamentMcCombTBA --
Nov 28-29Baton Rouge TournamentBaton RougeTBA --
Dec 9Franklin CountyMcComb5:00pm -
Dec 12MurrahJackson6:00pm --
Dec 19WingfieldJackson6:00pm --
Dec 29-31McComb High School Coca-Cola ClassicMcCombTBA ----
Jan 6NatchezNatchez5:00pm -
Jan 9CallawayJackson6:00pm --
Jan 13North PikeSummit5:00pm -
Jan 16Lawrence CountyMcComb5:00pm -
Jan 17Lanier Tournament JacksonTBA ----
Jan 19MLK TournamentJacksonTBA ----
Jan 20PurvisPurvis5:00pm -
Jan 23South PikeMagnolia6:00pm --
Jan 27ColumbiaMcComb5:00pm -
Jan 30North PikeMcComb5:00pm -
Feb 3Lawrence CountyMonticello5:00pm -
Feb 6PurvisMcComb5:00pm -
Feb 10ColumbiaColumbia5:00pm -
Feb 13South Pike Senior NightMcComb6:00pm --
Feb 16-20District 6-4A Tournament-- ----

2014-2015 Denman Junior High School Basketball Schedule

Nov 3Franklin CountyFranklin County5pm 6pm 7pm -
Nov 10Lawrence CountyMccomb5pm 6pm 7pm -
Nov 13BrookhavenMcComb5pm 6pm 7pm -
Nov 17McCombNorth Pike5pm 6pm 7pm -
Nov 20McCombTylertown5pm 6pm 7pm -
Dec 1South PikeMcComb5pm 6pm 7pm -
Dec 4Franklin CountyMcComb5pm 6pm 7pm -
Dec 8McCombWesson5pm 6pm 7pm -
Dec 11McCombLawrence County5pm 6pm 7pm -
Jan 8McCombBrookhaven5pm 6pm 7pm -
Jan 12North PikeMcComb5pm 6pm 7pm -
Jan 15TylertownMcComb5pm 6pm 7pm -
Jan 22McCombSouth Pike5pm 6pm 7pm -

2014-2015 Bowling Schedule - Pending

2014-2015 Cross Country Schedule

Sep 9Natchez4:00pm
Sep 13St. Andrews8:00am
Oct 4Mississippi College10:00am
Oct 9Natchez Cathedral4:00pm
Oct 18Southwest 5K8:00am
Oct 25North Pike8:00am
Nov 8State Meet10:00am

2014-2015 McComb High School Football Schedule

Aug 15Fall Jamboree vs. Oak GroveSumrall High SchoolTBA
Aug 22Vicksburg Red Carpet ClassicAway8:00pm
Aug 29Forest HillHome7:00pm
Sep 5Franklin CountyHome7:00pm
Sep 12BrookhavenHome7:00pm
Sep 19TylertownAway7:00pm
Sep 26OPEN  
Oct 3South PikeAway7:00pm
Oct 10Lawrence County Homecoming!Home7:00pm
Oct 17PurvisHome7:00pm
Oct 24North PikeAway7:00pm
Oct 31ColumbiaAway7:00pm
Nov 7Playoffs BeginTBATBA

2014-2015 Denman Junior Football Schedule

Sep 8South PikeMcComb 5:00pm6:00pm7:00pm
Sep 15Franklin CountyFranklin County 5:00pm6:00pm7:00pm
Sep 22BrookhavenBrookhaven 5:00pm6:00pm7:00pm
Sep 29TylertownMcComb 5:00pm6:00pm7:00pm
Oct 6WessonMcComb 5:00pm6:00pm7:00pm
Oct 13Open-- --
Oct 20North PikeNorth Pike 5:00pm6:00pm7:00pm

7th and 8th Graders have 6 minutes quarters and 8 minute halftime No Overtime
JV has 7 minutes per quarter and 10 minute halftime Plays Overtime

2014-2015 Soccer Schedule

Nov 8Franklin CountyAwayTBA
Nov 11TBAAwayTBA
Nov 13TBAAwayTBA
Dec 3MendenhallAway5:00pm/7:00pm
Dec 9MageeAway5:00pm/7:00pm
Dec 16North PikeHome4:30pm/7:00pm
Dec 19Lawrence County CANCELLED RESCHEDULED DATE TBAHome4:30pm/7:00pm
Jan 8MageeHome5:00pm/7:00pm
Jan 13MendenhallHome5:00pm/7:00pm
Jan 15Loyd StarAway5:00pm/7:00pm
Jan 16North PikeAway5:00pm/7:00pm
Jan 20Lawrence CountyAway5:00pm/7:00pm

2014-2015 Fast Pitch Softball Schedule

Feb 21Lawrence County JamboreeAwayTBATBA
Mar 5North Pike*Away5:00pm6:30pm
Mar 6TylertownHome5:00pm6:30pm
Mar 14Wesson TournamentAwayTBATBA
Mar 17TylertownAway5:00pm6:30pm
Mar 19Lawrence County*Away5:00pm6:30pm
Mar 20Purvis*Home5:00pm6:30pm
Mar 21Florence TournamentAway11:00am Florence1:15pm Yazoo
Mar 24Columbia*Away5:00pm6:30pm
Mar 26Loyd StarAway5:00pm6:30pm
Mar 27North Pike*Home5:00pm6:30pm
Mar 30RaymondAway5:00pm7:00pm
Apr 2Purvis*Away5:00pm6:30pm
Apr 7Lawrence County*Home5:00pm6:30pm
Apr 10Loyd StarHome5:00pm6:30pm
Apr 11St. Patrick Breast Cancer Awarness TournamentAwayTBATBA
Apr 13RaymondHome5:00pm6:30pm
Apr 14Columbia*Home5:00pm6:30pm
Apr 16SalemAway5:00pm6:30pm
Apr 24WessonHome5:00pm6:30pm
Apr 27 - 28Play-InAwayTBATBA
* District Games

2014-2015 McComb High School Track and Field Schedule - Pending

2014-2015 Denman Junior High School Track and Field Schedule - Pending

2014-2015 Volleyball Schedule

Aug 8Petal ClassicAwayJH, JV, V4:00pm
Aug 15-16Tournament - Set It OffAwayV OnlyTBA
Aug 21RidgelandHomeJH, JV, V4:30pm
Aug 26West MarionAwayJV, V5:00pm
Aug 28SalemAwayJH, JV, V4:30PM
Aug 30Salem TournamentAwayV OnlyTBA
Sep 4TylertownAwayJV, V5:00pm
Sep 6Jackson Academy TournamentAwayV OnlyTBA
Sep 9ColumbiaHomeJV, V5:00pm
Sep 11DexterHomeJV, V5:00pm
Sep 13Ridgeland TournamentAwayV OnlyTBA
Sep 16South PikeHomeJV, V5:00pm
Sep 18West MarionHomeJV, V5:00pm
Sep 23SalemHomeJH, JV, V4:30pm
Sep 30TylertownHomeJV, V5:00pm
Oct 2ColumbiaAwayJV, V5:00pm
Oct 7DexterAwayJV, V5:00pm
Oct 9South PikeAwayJV, V5:00pm
Oct 14RidgelandAwayJH, JV, V4:30pm

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